Why Choose Us?

Michelle G.

Jacki has been a lifesaver in our transition to once again having a puppy. After years of being able to accommodate our older dog’s needs either outside of work hours or by having teenage kids at home, we embarked on puppyhood and empty nesthood around the same time – yikes! Jacki has made this transition stress free (at least the dog part). She is flexible and reliable and I trust her implicitly. Her love for her clients is evident in how she greets our dogs and in the individual care she gives each of them. She has even provided us with great feedback on how to work with our puppy to be a polite leash walker. Jet and Caly’s excitement when they see Jacki in the neighborhood is the best endorsement of all! Thanks Jacki!

Alyssa H.

Jacki is the most professional, kind, reliable and understanding person we could have asked for to care for our pup on walks. While our dog is sweet, he can also be hard to handle when he gets nervous, which makes it hard for us to find someone we can trust. Jacki understands dog behavior and assured us that she could handle our big rambunctious pup, and we truly could not have found anyone better. She will love your pup as her own and take time to understand their needs. We loved hearing how he did on his walks, and also hearing about anything that happened that we could work on. Could not recommend Jacki highly enough!

Ben W.

Jacki + team are wonderful with our dog Clyde, who is a terrific but anxious rescue dog. Jacki was the only human Clyde was comfortable with, and it’s thanks to her natural, calm, caring abilities with fur balls. Jacki is a hard-working woman who will treat anyone and everyone’s dogs as if they were her own!

Andrea W.

Jacki has been walking our dog ever since we first got him as a puppy almost 3 years ago. It is so comforting to know that he is with someone who knows how to handle dogs, someone who cares about our pet, someone who is trustworthy and reliable. That person is Jacki. She gives good advice, and she notices when something is different. We are so thankful that we found her, and we recommend her highly!

Jen C.

JWalkers have been just what we need from the very beginning after bring our fur baby home. He loves his daily walks, and we love the notes and updates we get each day.

Helen D.

We love Jacki and her dog walking services. And our dog, Ellie, is crazy about her, too! She is reliable and always there to help out in a pinch. We highly recommend her services.

Samantha C.

Jacki is just the best! She is so great to work with! She is friendly, helpful, sympathetic, and non-judgmental. She understands that training does not happen in a vacuum and that people need to be able to live their normal lives with their dogs. Her training approach is brilliant - she makes games that are engaging, quick, and fun for both dogs and owners. She includes the whole family in the training so that the dog grows a working relationship with children, as well as grown ups. Our biggest improvement as a family was learning HOW to connect with our dog and how to engage him in distractionary and calming/re-centering techniques, which can be generalized to so many situations in the home and outside! Our dog is so eager to please and he knows he will be rewarded for doing the right thing, so he is a very willing participant in the process. I wish we had had Jacki for all our dogs! I would (and have!) recommend her to all families who are looking to have a happy, harmonious relationship with their dog. Ultimately, this is the key to a responsive and well-mannered dog.

Amanda V.

We did a 6 week puppy training class with Jacki for our Sadie girl. I am so glad that I was given her name because it was very beneficial. Jacki brings great knowledge and positivity when she conveniently comes to your home. It worked so well for us that Sadie is almost a year and needed a follow up session. I am not sure who enjoyed the session more, Sadie or myself!! I am very grateful to have found Jacki!

Ronald B.

Jacki is an excellent dog trainer. She is patient, understanding, kind with both the pet and the owner(s) and has a wealth of knowledge to share with her clients. We were recommended to Jacki by a neighbor of ours to work with our 12 week old Corgi. It was the best training we could have possibly asked for. Jacki took her time with our JuneyB (and us). With perseverance and training tools Jacki provided us with, we have made some great headway. We highly recommend Jacki to anyone who needs any kind of dog training, from puppies to older dogs. You will find Jacki to be extremely knowledgeable and caring.

Tiffany A.

What a blessing to have partnered with you in your training expertise! Our entire family is grateful to you and implementing these concept training tools, including our three year old as he carries kibble and softly says "nice", tossing in opposite direction to help Scooter disengage. It is so empowering, helpful and above all hopeful!

The Best and Most Caring